Century: 100 Years of Type


The latest exhibition at the AIGA National Design Center all about type. Century: 100 years of Type in Design does a great job highlighting fun and functional typefaces from the past 100 years. The real strength is the context: it’s not just type samples, but artifacts and ephemera showing these faces in use. You’ll see great work by designers like Lucian Bernhard, Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin, Stefan Sagmeister, and more. It’s great to see these pieces in person–inspiration for anyone interested in design and typography. The exhibition runs through July 31.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti


Italian futurist Marinetti published his first book, Zang Tumb Tumb, in 1914. Based on his experiences during the Balkan War of 1912, the title is a graphic representation of the mechanized sounds of gunfire, grenades, and other weapons. It was one of his experiments in “words in freedom,” where he broke away from conventional linear writing by using only nouns—no adjectives or verbs. Defying traditional typography, he designed the cover using a mixture of typefaces at varying scales and angles and scrambled around the page. He pioneered expressive typography, giving it a pictorial quality; his words looked the way they sounded.

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