6 Iconic Logo/Identity Designers


Paul Rand said, “Visual communications of any kind… should be seen as the embodiment of form and function: the integration of the beautiful and the useful.” It’s not only about how it looks, or how it works, but about how it looks and works together. Whether you’re a student or a practicing designer, it’s helpful to occasionally look back at the work of iconic designers like Rand. Read about a few that contributed to the rise of corporate identity design at Logo Design Love.

Jan Tschichold

104 The Profesional-lo

“In addition to being more logical, asymmetry has the advantage that its complete appearance is far more optically effective than symmetry.” German designer Jan Tschichold wrote The New Typography, a radical type and design guide that remains influential today. David Airey, author of the popular books Logo Design Love and Work for Money, Design for Love, excerpted my section on Tschichold on his blog. Read it at DavidAirey.com.